In accordance with the Tribal Constitution, “The Chairman shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, shall preside at the Poarch Creek Tribal Council meetings, and shall exercise any lawful authority delegated by the Tribal Council.” (Article VI, Section 1). As such, the Tribal Chair is elected by the General Council and is responsible for carrying out the directives of the Tribal Council.

In the daily operations of the Tribe, the Chair is responsible for supervising the following: Attorney General/Chief Legal Officer, Chief of Staff, Chief Government & Public Affairs Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Strategy & Special Projects, and the Tribal Council Office Director. Tribal Chair Bryan and her team are dedicated to elevating the quality of life for Tribal Members and creating sustainability for the generations to come.

Stephanie A. Bryan

Prior to being elected Tribal Chair, she served as Vice Chair of the Tribal Council beginning in 2006. Her efforts in that role included extending health insurance to all Tribal Members and employees, expanding educational opportunities for every Tribal Member and First-Generation Indian Descendants, and taking a leadership role in the development of a new health clinic and assisted living facility on the Tribe’s reservation. 

As the leader of the Poarch nation, Bryan represents the Tribe’s interests at both the state and national level. At the federal level, she is a nationally recognized advocate on issues critically important to Indian Country including ensuring the protection of Indian gaming, tribal sovereignty, and native-owned lands. She is also a champion for ensuring that the federal government does its part to provide Indian country with essential services such as healthcare and education.

The Chairwoman serves on several national boards including:

  • Department of Interior Secretary’s
  • Tribal Advisory Committee
  • Native American Rights Fund
  • National Indian Gaming Commission Working Group
  • National Tribal Gaming Commissioners and Regulators
  • National Indian Gaming Association
  • United South and Eastern Tribes
  • The Alyce Spotted Bear and Walter Soboleff Commission on Native Children

In Alabama, she works directly with the Governor and state agencies on projects of mutual interest and has built positive and productive relationships throughout state government. The Chairwoman also serves on many boards throughout the state including:

  • Business Council of Alabama Executive Committee
  • Economic Development Partnership of Alabama Board of Directors
  • Leadership Alabama
  • Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
  • Montgomery Area Committee of 100
  • Escambia County Alabama Community Hospital Board
  • Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Advisors

Stephanie’s significant leadership contributions around the state and Indian country have not gone unrecognized. In 2023, Business Alabama Magazine presented her with the “CEO of the Year” award and in 2022, Investopedia named her one of “Five Indigenous CEOs who are still making their mark.”



Stephanie’s own personal experience and faith inform her policy positions as Tribal Chair. She is a lifelong member of the Poarch community and lived in federally funded tribal housing as a young mother while working two jobs and attending college. She has seen firsthand how her Tribe evolved from an impoverished native community dependent on government subsidies to the prosperous, self-sufficient, federally-recognized sovereign nation that it is today.

Stephanie believes in personal responsibility, a strong work ethic and sound financial management. She also deeply values helping others in times of need, having a close-knit family, and remembering how members of the Poarch community supported each other during lean years. Those personal experiences have inspired Stephanie to focus on careful stewardship of tribe’s resources and on giving back to neighbors who are less fortunate.

The Chairwoman also brings an abiding respect for her elders and a deep appreciation of Creek culture to her role. She is committed to ensuring that future Poarch generations have access to education and to career opportunities. She and her husband Keith have raised three children and ten grandchildren. Stephanie often says that each member of her family serves as a loving reminder that she needs to continually work to sustain Poarch so that the community she loves will remain a strong, self-reliant sovereign Indian nation for generations to come.