Poarch Band of Creek Indians
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Government & Public Affairs

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The Government and Public Affairs Division is responsible for conducting lobbying efforts and ensuring that the Tribe’s best interest is properly represented, coordinated and monitored at local, state and federal government levels. The division is also responsible for public relations, designed to create and maintain a favorable image of the Tribe. Government and Public Affairs oversees the Tribe’s website, social media, and magazine.

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* The categorization and listing of departments on this website do not reflect the official organizational structure or hierarchy of the Tribal government.

Departments & Contacts

Government Relations

In our rapidly changing political and regulatory environment, the relationship between government entities and the Poarch Creek Indians is of paramount importance. At the heart of this dynamic is the Government Relations Department (GRD). The GRD is the unit within the Poarch Creek Indians dedicated to managing its interactions with government bodies at various levels, be it local, state, or federal.

This department is responsible for ensuring that The Tribe’s interests are represented and protected in the face of evolving legislation and regulations. The Government Relations Department takes charge of promoting or opposing legislative measures that affect the Poarch Creek Indians. Through lobbying, the department communicates the organization’s stance and tries to influence legislation in a direction favorable to our interests. The department also monitors and analyzes emerging laws, regulations and policy trends, assessing potential impacts on our Tribe.

Through proactive advocacy, relationship building, and strategic insight, this department plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our Tribe not only adapts to but thrives amidst changing political landscapes.

Internal Communications

The Poarch Creek Indians thrives on unity, cohesion, and shared purpose. We operate efficiently through various departments; the Internal Communications department is central to fostering the Tribe’s mission and values. This department has a deep understanding of the cultural, historical, and current affairs of the Poarch Creek Indians. With strong written and verbal communication skills, the ability to listen actively and empathetically, a keen understanding of modern communication tools and platforms, and exceptional problem-solving skills, the Internal Communications department plays a crucial role in ensuring that the Tribe’s objectives are understood and embraced by our Tribal Citizens, Tribal Employees, and community members.

External Communications

The External Communications Department is a crucial facet of the Poarch Creek Indians Tribal Government. It’s responsible for managing and directing the flow of information from our Tribe to the public. This department acts as the bridge between the organization and the general public, ensuring the Tribe’s message is conveyed accurately, effectively, and in alignment with our values and objectives. This department is responsible for Public Relations, Media Management, Brand Messaging, Public Event Coordination, Digital Communications, and Crisis Management.


Robert McGhee
Chief Government & Public Affairs Officer

Adrienne LaBudde
Senior Director of Government
& Public Affairs

Hannah Flowers
Executive Assistant
(251) 368-9136 Ext. 2407

Kennedy Green
Administrative Assistant
(251) 368-9136 ext. 2067

Megan Zamora
Director of Internal Communications

Kristin Hellmich
Director of External Communications

Our Government

In accordance with the constitution, which was adopted on June 1,1985, the Poarch Creek Indians is governed by a nine member elected Tribal Council. A fulltime staff is employed to provide administrative support for the operation of the Tribal government and programs.


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