Poarch Band of Creek Indians
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The Poarch Creek Indian Tribal Roll is currently closed at this time

To be eligible for membership, your name must appear on the official Tribal Roll of the Poarch Creek Indians as of December 31, 2008. However, there are exceptions: if you were 18 years or younger on December 31, 2008, you must submit a completed application before your 21st birthday; if you were born on or after December 31, 2008, the same deadline applies. Additionally, eligibility may arise from a correction in an enrolled Tribal Citizen’s blood quantum.

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Only available to Poarch Creek Tribal Citizens and Tribal Government Employees

* The categorization and listing of departments on this website do not reflect the official organizational structure or hierarchy of the Tribal government.

Departments & Contacts

Tribal Member Benefits Department

The Tribal Member Benefits Department administers and maintains all records relating to benefits available to Tribal Citizens.

Tribal Member Accounting & Information

The Tribal Member Accounting and Information Department is crucial in our Tribal Government, handling a broad array of tasks to improve Tribal Citizens’ financial well-being. This includes managing programs like Disabled Tribal Member Health Insurance, Crisis Loans, and Housing programs, ensuring they are efficiently operated and sensitive to members’ needs.

The department also oversees the Tribal Member Benefits Department, guaranteeing fair benefits distribution in line with Tribal policies, from application to distribution. It supervises the Housing Department, ensuring adequate housing solutions are provided, covering Tribally Assisted Home Ownership and Rental Homes. Additionally, it is responsible for compiling detailed reports on Tribal Member loans, promoting transparency and accountability in loan processes. The department manages the Financial Literacy Program, aiming to enhance Tribal Members’ financial decision-making skills, thus supporting their financial independence and well-being. Overall, the department plays a vital role in supporting the Tribal community’s welfare and development through its comprehensive management and oversight functions.

Housing Department

The Poarch Creek Indians Housing Department provides Tribal Citizens with decent, safe and sanitary homes. The Poarch Creek Indian Housing Department operates a low-income rental housing program and Tribally Assisted Home Ownership Program (TAHO). The home ownership programs were designed for Tribal Citizens who are within the low to medium income guidelines and who are able to make long-term financial commitments. The rental program has assisted 30 senior citizens and 76 single families since 1986. The Mutual Help program assisted 70 tribal families during the years of 1996 to 1999 before it ceased operation. The TAHO Program was designed following some of the Mutual Help program guidelines. This program has continued to help hundreds of tribal families own affordable housing. Applicants are required to make a contribution toward the project. Contributions can be land or down payments.


Lisa Walker
Tribal Enrollment Manager
(251) 368-9136 Ext. 2239

Bryan Fayard
Tribal Member Benefits Director

Makayla Bailey
Receptionist (TMB)
(251) 359-9136 ext. 2217

Edie Baker
Tribal Member Accounting & Information Director
(251) 368-9136 ext. 2231

Krystal Langford
Housing Executive Assistant
(251) 368-9136 ext. 2150

Our Government

In accordance with the constitution, which was adopted on June 1,1985, the Poarch Creek Indians is governed by a nine member elected Tribal Council. A fulltime staff is employed to provide administrative support for the operation of the Tribal government and programs.


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