Youth Princesses Proudly Represent the Poarch Band of Creek Indians

Each November, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians selects Princesses to serve as the Tribe’s ambassadors throughout the year. The Princesses range in age from childhood to elders and are chosen through a point system, which includes an interview process, talent demonstration, appearance and knowledge of cultural items. Meet this year’s youth Princesses:

Macey Faith Rackard – Poarch Creek Elementary Princess
Macey is eight years old and in the second grade. She became interested in becoming a Princess through a desire to serve her Tribe. Through the process, she has learned that with determination and hard work, she can do anything she puts her mind to. Macey has also learned how to basket weave, bead, and finger weave which is her favorite. She likes how when she starts to finger weave a piece, it starts off in a tangled knot and then turns into a beautiful masterpiece. This year, she hopes to share kindness and her culture around the U.S. Her favorite thing about being a Princess is spending time with the other Princesses and sharing the Tribe’s culture.

Jayla Brooke-Lee Brown – Poarch Creek Senior Princess
Jayla is 18 years old and is in the 12th grade. She has always wanted to represent the Tribe and was honored to have the opportunity this year when she was selected. She has learned many cultural aspects about Poarch Creeks including how to make regalia, a finger woven belt, sew patchwork, bead earrings, and make moccasins. Jayla has also learned how to become a better public speaker while in front of large groups. She hopes to be a role model for younger Tribal citizens. When she exchanges her crown this November, she hopes to help kids seeking a chance to be selected as a Princess during the process. Her favorite part about being a Princess is going to pow wows and meeting other incredible, talented girls. Jayla also loves speaking the Creek language, and most of all, representing her Tribe. She says being a public figure comes with pressure at times, but there is nothing more rewarding than being a face of the Tribe.

Rori-Kate McGhee – Poarch Creek Little Miss Princess
Rori-Kate is seven years old and in the first grade. She wanted to be the first Princess in her family after observing Princesses during other Tribal events. She has learned the importance of being a leader and demonstrating good manners and attitude while being a Princess. Rori-Kate hopes to attend other pow wows this year and to be the best Princess she can be. Her favorite thing about being a Princess is representing the Tribe and being a leader. She also loves her crown.

Nevaeh Marie Hall – Poarch Creek Junior Princess
Nevaeh is 14 years old and in the eighth grade. She became interested in being a Princess when, at the time, she was too young to join the Tribal Youth Council, so she decided to run for elementary princess to learn more about her heritage. Nevaeh has learned that perseverance is not an easy task, but a rewarding one. This year she hopes to represent the Tribe to the best of her ability and grow in her relationship with God. Her favorite thing about being a Princess is representing the Tribe, meeting new people, learning from the elders, and mentoring the younger generation.

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