Keith Martin

Keith Martin was raised in the heart of Poarch, AL on Indian School Road. He attributes his love of the community to his grandmother, Elsie Holland and other family members in this close knit community. A graduate of Escambia County High School, he worked for local General Motors (GM) dealerships where he continued his education to earn various certifications from GM in Automotive Technology. He was a service manager for the local dealership until August 2007, when he became a full time Tribal Council Member. Martin continues to reside in the Poarch community and is a member of the Lottie Baptist Church. He is married to Rochel Martin and has four daughters; Samantha, Jessica, Rachel and Scarlet, and has seven grandchildren. He is committed to working with government officials and legislators at all levels to ensure the betterment of future generations.

Martin has been a proud member of the Poarch Creek Tribal Council since being elected on June 3, 2006. Prior to this position, Martin served on the PCI Gaming Commission, Creek Indian Enterprises Board, and the PCI Gaming Board. As a Tribal Council Member, currently serves on the Budget and Finance Committee and Government Affairs & Rules Legislative Committees. He is also Chair of the Land and Natural Resources Committee. In his position, he frequently travels to Washington, DC and state capitals to lobby for the betterment of all United States’ tribes as well as his own.

As Chairman of the PCI Gaming Board for nine years, Martin helped direct the tribe during a time of tremendous growth and change. During that time, the Tribe hired a successful senior executive management team for gaming operations, secured financing for construction of Wind Creek Casino and Hotel Atmore, and initiated a major expansions of Wind Creek Wetumpka and Wind Creek Montgomery.

Since being elected to the Tribal Council, he has helped the Tribe change the way they operate, by realigning Tribal enterprises. PCI Gaming is now an Authority, as well as Creek Indian Enterprises. A true believer in the Poarch Creek people, Martin is deeply committed to working together with the local communities, local municipalities, and all levels of government for a future that benefits the entire community and state. Martin believes that the Tribe needs to focus on long-term growth and economic development beyond tribal gaming. To help ensure that future generations will be able to live and work close to home, he was instrumental in working with consultants to help align resources for the Tribe, through this research the Tribe has learned that the Poarch Creeks are highly advanced in their ability to learn and have a great capacity to excel. With that in mind Martin is interested in growing educational opportunities and diversifying the tribe’s goals to attract new industries to the state Alabama.