The Poarch Creek Indians chartered a Utility Authority in the early 1990’s. The immediate and extensive economic growth by the Tribe with the construction of new gaming facilities, cultural centers, fire stations, and many other structures to extend and support Tribal Member services and the surrounding community led to the development of the Utility Authority. The Poarch Creek Indians Utilities Authority Board felt it necessary to reconstruct its normal operation, so that the Tribal utility infrastructure could be more focused on the need to support these new facilities. The Poarch Creek Indians Utilities Authority has a seven member Board.

The staff has been equipped to focus on water, wastewater, and solid waste needs of the Tribe and community. The Poarch Creek utility system has grown tremendously and the Tribe spares no expense when investing in utility infrastructure, supporting community needs, and protecting the environment. Within the past few years, the Tribe has invested millions of dollars in establishing its own self sustainable utility system, constructing/installing 2 wells with water treatment facilities for distribution, a million gallon water tower, a SBR Wastewater Treatment Plant, numerous lift stations, water mains, and sewer mains to support these facilities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Poarch Creek Indians Utilities Authority is to provide Tribal Members and the community with quality potable water, wastewater, and solid waste services with least cost. The Utilities Authority is concerned with being globally friendly by protecting our environment, so that our Tribal Members, along with our community, have a good quality of life for generations to come.


The Utilities Authority has been created by the Tribal Council as an instrumental and integral part of the Tribe. The Utilities Authority shall be responsible for the planning, development, production, purpose, transmission, and distribution of all electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, cable television, wastewater and other utility-related services for the Tribe in conformity with the laws of the United States, the laws of the Tribe, and any other applicable laws.

Services Provided

The Utilities Authority provides general water and sewer or wastewater services, including but not limited to: installation and repair of water and sewer lines and piping, as well as, infrastructure consistent with grinder pumping stations and gravity sewer lines, boring, local septic tank cleanouts, minor plumbing services consistent with small repairs and clogged pipes and supply and installation of central water and sewer services. Also locate underground utilities services and provide solid waste removal.