Tribal Member Services oversees the distribution of various Tribal benefits to Tribal Members and their families.

For more information, please visit The Roundhouse. The Roundhouse is available only to Poarch Creek Tribal Members and Tribal Government Employees.

Housing Department

The Poarch Creek Indians Housing Department provides Tribal Members with decent, safe and sanitary homes. The Poarch Creek Indian Housing Department operates a low-income rental housing program and Tribally Assisted Home Ownership Program (TAHO). The home ownership programs were designed for Tribal Members who are within the low to medium income guidelines and who are able to make long-term financial commitments. The rental program has assisted 30 senior citizens and 76 single families since 1986. The Mutual Help program assisted 70 tribal families during the years of 1996 to 1999 before it ceased operation. The TAHO Program was designed following some of the Mutual Help program guidelines. This program has continued to help hundreds of tribal families own affordable housing. Applicants are required to make a contribution toward the project. Contributions can be land or down payments.

Tribal Member Benefits

The Tribal Member Benefits Department administers and maintains all records relating to benefits available to Tribal Members.