Focusing on prevention and wellbeing through a variety of medical and educational programs, we guide our members to make choices that will enhance their quality of life and help them make healthy choices that are in their best interest. We want all Tribal Members to feel their best so they can live life to its fullest.

For more information, please visit The Roundhouse. The Roundhouse is available only to Poarch Creek Tribal Members and Tribal Government Employees.

Buford L. Rolin Health Clinic

It is the goal of the Health Department to assist Tribal Members, First Generation minors, and members of other federally recognized tribes in achieving and maintaining the highest level of health possible. The Health Department provides care for acute and chronic illnesses as well as prevention, education, and intervention.

You are eligible for services at the clinic if you are an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe. Specific eligibility requirements apply for specialty and referral care.

Family Services

The goal of the Family Services Department is to promote the health, social, and emotional well-being of individual Poarch Creek Indians (PCI) Tribal Members and their families, and for members of other federally-recognized tribes residing within the designated service area for PCI. Programs such as day care assistance and protection for tribal children through the Indian Child Welfare Act provide much needed help for the Tribe and its members.

The Family Services Department also oversees our Senior Services Department.

The Senior Services Department is all about keeping our Tribal and community seniors involved in activities that keep their minds and bodies active.

The Senior Services Department offers:

  • Local and limited transportation for seniors to doctors appointments and other health and/or family services
  • Daily activities
  • Onsite and homebound lunches
  • Support, counseling and outreach activities for community participants