The Poarch Creek Indian community honors its proud heritage and spirit, values its Tribal Members, encourages open communication and participation in all of its activities, promotes progressive partnerships with its neighbors and other organizations, and is a supportive, welcoming community that features exceptional economic and community development opportunities for all Tribal Members.


We bring a reservoir of expert knowledge to secure the health, education, and well-being of all Tribal Members today and in the future. We act as role models who go beyond the call of duty and leaders who instill confidence in the fairness and wisdom of government decisions and actions.

This affirms our commitment to something bigger than any one of ourselves and encourages all to persevere when we confront challenges along the journey.

We make a difference in the lives of our Tribal Members by fostering in them a spirit of independence and pride, connecting them to each other and their cultural heritage.

The respect we show for the contributions of all to our common purpose creates the platform for open and honest interactions.

This leads to collaborative relationships and openness to new ideasĀ and growing levels of accomplishment.

We act with fairness in all our decisions and policy applications inspiring others to trust our intentions and our actions.