Extracurricular Reimbursement Program

Tribal Member students and First Generation students in K4-12th Grade are eligible to receive reimbursement for extracurricular activities and camps per program year. We reserve the right to refuse reimbursement for any purchases we deem inappropriate or ineligible for this program. Suspected attempts to defraud the Tribe will be referred to the Tribal Police and Legal Department for investigation and prosecution. Refer to the flyer and application for more information.

Graduation Banquet

The Friday before Election the Education Department hosts the Graduation Banquet. This banquet is for Tribal Member and First Generation students that have graduated High School, GED Programs, certifications and/or college. At the banquet graduates are presented a gift from the Tribe. Graduates must be registered for the event in order to receive a gift.

High School Seniors

Tribal Members and First Generation high school graduates can have their Tribal Scholarship announced at Class Night/Awards Day by a school official. Students must fill out the information form and return it to the Education Department. A letter and certificate will be mailed to your school so that a school official can present you with your scholarship.

After-School Enrichment Program

The After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) provides a warm, caring environment beyond school hours. The ASEP provides support and supplements the learning taking place during the school day. The purpose of Enrichment activities is to enhance the educational learning being done in the classroom. The ASEP is a program where your student will have the opportunity to get homework assistance, remediation in the 4 core subjects, project help and access to technology to help improve learning skills each day. In order to participate in the After-School Enrichment Program, a student must be a Tribal Member or of First Generation Indian descent in Kindergarten through 12th grade. ASEP begins at 3:00 p.m. and lasts until 6:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday, however this time frame is subject to change. Each student enrolled will have an allotted time slot. Those coming for homework assistance will complete their homework and return back to B&G Club as soon as they have finished. Those that are in the ASEP for remediation will continue to be remediated until their allotted time is up and then return to B&G Club. ASEP will provide students with a qualified teacher that will work with students to complete their homework assignments and give them the remediation that they desire.

Teachers: Melba Smith, Cassie O’Brien, Katrinka Brown, Magaline Marshall, Krista Huber

Incentive Program

This program operates during the school year and is for Tribal Member and First Generation students in K-12th grade. Participating students must achieve A or A/B honor roll and/or perfect attendance. The Incentive Request Form & the student’s current report card must be submitted to the Education Department no later than 14 days after report card was issued to the student. Each student has 4 grading periods, so they have four chances to receive an incentive throughout the school year

Close Up

This program features a week long look at political life in Washington, DC and takes place in February each year, in conjunction with Native American Impact week and USET. Selected students must be Tribal Member or First Generation student in the 9th-12th grade and must be 15 years old at the time applications are due. Applications are made available beginning in August each year and will be posted to the Tribe’s website.

Summer Reading Program

This program is tailored to different age groups and is designed to promote literacy in a fun and creative atmosphere. This program is operated during the summer to help students maintain their reading during their summer vacation.

Summer Enrichment Program

When students are out for the summer we also offer a Summer Enrichment Program for Tribal Members, First Generation, and second Generation that is designed to be fun and engaging for students, while giving them the help they need to keep their minds sharp and active throughout the summer months.

School Supply Reimbursement Program

This program is provided for Tribal Member and First Generation students in K4 thru 12th Grade. Parents are eligible for assistance to help with the purchase of school clothing and supplies. Each Tribal Member household with a Tribal Member student or First Generation student is allowed to be reimbursed for one computer device every four years. This program operates from the first Monday in June to the last Friday in September.

GED Prep Program

This program is provided for Tribal Members and First Generation ages 16 and older who are interested in obtaining their GED. GED books, calculators, and one on one tutoring are provided. GED classes are offered every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night from 5:00 -7:30 PM. A voucher to pay for the GED test will be provided to qualified Tribal Members and First Generation Indian Descent.

CO-OP Program

This program is provided for Tribal Member and First Generation High School students. This program allows the student to work in a Tribal Department and receive an hourly pay rate. Students must be enrolled in their High School CO-OP program.

Summer Leadership Program

This program is provided for Tribal Member, First Generation, and Tribal Member Household teens who are between the ages of 13-15. The program teaches students leadership skills while learning about the Tribe. Participants are paid a stipend for participating in the program. Applications must be complete in order to participate in the program.

Summer Internship Program

This program is provided for Tribal Member and First Generation teens who are between the ages of 16-18. The program provides students with work skills and teaches them the responsibilities of having a job. Participants are paid a stipend for participating in the program. Applications must be complete in order to participate in the program.

Indian Education Aides

There are aides located in the local schools (Huxford Elementary- Amy Johns & Sydney McGhee; Escambia Academy- Christyn Sells; J. U. Blacksher-Destini Bethea) to help Tribal students academically. Parents must fill out a Title VII form in order for their student to receive assistance from the aides. Aides provide tutoring services on a daily basis to students who need assistance.

Fred L McGhee Early Learning Center

This program is a K3 and K4 Program designed to meet the development and academic needs of three and four-year old children. Children are also presented with the opportunity to learn about their Native Culture and Language.

The K3 program is a new and exciting program that will accept 10 children for the first year of the program and then 15 children thereafter. The K4 program accepts 20 children each year. Both programs selection process is based on Tribal Member preference.

Shirley Nettles, Teacher
Mary Boyte, Teacher
Fran Southard, Administrative Assistant

Drug Testing and Alcohol Policy

Students 12 & older and adults are required to pass an initial drug and alcohol test and are subject to random and reasonable suspicion testing to participate in Tribally sponsored programs. A failed drug and alcohol test will result in the student/adult being ineligible to participate in Tribal sponsored programs for 6 months.