Garvis Sells has lived on the Poarch Creek Indian reservation his entire life and is currently serving his second term on the Tribal Council. He is well versed in the workings of tribal government, being around it most of his life. His mother, Roberta Sells served as Secretary on the original Council and was dedicated to the Tribe her entire life. Garvis has continued his mothers work through his service to the Tribe, by striving to represent the principles and traditions of his ancestors. He also believes we should embrace the opportunities of today and tomorrow. In addition to serving on the Tribal Council, Garvis is an active member of the Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO), which promotes tribal member employment and advancement. He also serves on the Education/Labor and Housing/Community Activities Legislative Committees.

Garvis is married to Catherine Jackson Sells. He is the son of the late Eugene and Roberta Sells. Garvis resides in the Poarch community.