Creek Indian Enterprises Development Authority (CIEDA)

The purpose of CIEDA is to empower talented leaders to focus their energy and build profitable organizations by adding value with our capital and management expertise to high-potential business ventures. This creates opportunities for our Tribe and generates wealth, leaving a lasting legacy.




Only 7 miles from the Alabama Gulf Coast, OWA is a must-see family-friendly resort destination featuring a thrilling amusement park, a picturesque 14-acre lake, and lushly landscaped pathways meandering past Southern-inspired architecture. With more than fifty options for shopping and dining, guests can discover a trendy new eatery or peruse the latest fashion trends. OWA truly offers something for everyone while allowing guests to create that special memory.



Wind Creek Hospitality

Wind Creek Hospitality was developed to generate a sustainable revenue stream to support governmental services that will contribute to the health and well-being of the Tribe and its Members.



Ecke Holding Company LLC, doing business as Poarch Creek Indians Federal Services, was formed under the Poarch Band of Creek Indians Tribe to provide high quality products and services to Federal customers. Ecke is a Muskogee word for “mother” and reflects the role of the holding company. As the parent, Poarch Creek Indians Federal Services provides the common connection and integration that enables our collective success.

Tribal Gaming Commission


The Tribal Gaming Commission’s (TGC’s) purpose is regulating the Tribe’s Gaming Operations and protecting Tribal Gaming assets by effectively enforcing Tribal and Federal regulations as mandated by the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) and as outlined in the Tribal Internal Control Standards (TICS).

The Tribal Gaming Commission is comprised of six departments which include: Audit, Accounting, Compliance, Investigations, Information Technology, and Administration.

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