The Environmental Department is committed to promoting, protecting, and maintaining human health, environment, and natural resources within the service areas of the Poarch Creek Indian community to ensure the health and prosperity of its Tribal Members and natural resources.

To accomplish this mission the Environmental Department manages four federal grant-funded programs and implements a variety of special programs and projects as needed.

The Four Core Federal Grant Funded Programs are:

  • General Assistance Program / Performance Partnership Grant
  • Clean Water Program
  • Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Program
  • Air Quality Program

Special Programs and Projects

  • Tribal Recycling Facility which serves Tribal Government, Tribal Businesses and local schools
  • Tribal Spay and Neuter Program
  • Tribal Arbor Day
  • Tribal Household Hazardous Waste Events
  • Tribal Environmental and Sanitation Program:
    – Hotel and Food Inspections
    – Septic Tank Install
    – Water and Sewage Hookup
    – Water Well
    – Tribal Apiary and Pollinator Program
    – Maintain and restore Tribal Wetlands
    – Maintain and restore wildlife habitats
    – Coastal Clean up
    – Environmental Permitting
    – Community Education and Outreach

The Poarch Creek Indians Environmental department strives to provide excellent service to all Tribal departments, Tribal entities, and the Tribal community by fostering positive relationships through open communications and commitment to the Poarch Creek Indians.