In order for Tribal Members to meet their full potential by way of being healthy not only in a physical state but a mental state as well, the Behavioral Health Department provides the following:

  • Testing for learning disabilities, memory personality, depression, drug abuse.
  • Individual/Group counseling, which can include but not limited to marriage, anger, behavior modification, parenting, depression.
  • Psychiatric medication adjustments.
  • Follow-up after discharge from residential and/or outpatient program.
  • Education and counseling for high-risk youth and other groups.
  • Liaison between the individual and/or family and outside programs.
  • Residential /detox treatment as needed.
  • Alcohol and substance abuse counseling and intervention.

The Behavioral Health Department is staffed with a full time licensed behavioral therapist, part-time contractual psychiatrist, and a part-time clinical psychologist.