Poarch Band of Creek Indians
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Charlotte McGhee Meckel


Ms. Charlotte “McGhee” Meckel is currently serving her third term as Tribal Council Secretary. In her role as Tribal Council Secretary, some of her duties entail conducting pollings of the Tribal Council for Resolutions that time is of essence. Certify Resolutions after each Tribal Council Meeting, reviews ever Tribal Council meeting minutes for accuracy before confirming at the next formal meeting, prepare Tribal Council workshop notes for submission to Roundhouse, assist in other Government Departments, when needed.  Ms. Meckel serves as the Chair of the Records Committee and is part of the Executive Committee.

As a member of the Tribal Council, she is very passionate about the seniors and advocate for increased to assist with Medicare premiums.  At the last National Americans Conference on Aging Ms. Meckel was appointed as alternate Board Member for the Eastern Region, she considers this appointment as another way to ensure elder citizens are given up to ate information concerning programs to help improve their quality of life.  

As a member of the Tribal Council, Ms. Meckel is currently appointed on the following Committees:

  • Tribal Member Services
  • Health & Elder Services
  • Land and Natural Resources
  • Funeral Committee

Before been elected to Tribal Council in 2016, Ms. Meckel served on the following Tribal Boards and Committees for the Poarch Creek Indians: Ethics Board (2006-2012) as Secretary, Housing Board (2012-2015) as Secretary, Tribal Regulatory Commission (Aug 2015 to Aug 2016) as Secretary, Tribal Grievance Board (Nov 2015 to Aug 2016) as Secretary/Treasurer.

Having held a SECRET security clearance during her 36+ years with the Federal Government, Ms. Meckel understands the importance of confidentiality. This enables her to carry out her duties as Tribal Council Secretary with aplomb. Charlotte started her education career by attending Jefferson Davis Community College. She furthered her education by graduating from the Army Management Staff College in Washington, D.C. She has also taken the following and has received College credits towards her Masters for each course of study: Program Management I & II for Executives in Kansas City, KS, Executive and Upper-Level Management Programs from Army Logistic College at Ft. Lee, VA, and Managerial and Supply Management Courses from Logistics College, Ft. Lee, VA.

Mrs. Meckel considers it is an honor and privilege to serve her people by utilizing her education, vast work experience, and knowledge of governmental functions. One of her goals is to assist in any way to further diversify the Tribe’s economic opportunities.  Born and raised in the Poarch Community her dedication and compassion are for Tribal Citizens everywhere. By living outside the service area for most of her adult life, Ms. Meckel feels she can approach a lot of issues with an open mind and make decisions affecting the majority of the Tribal Citizens. As a proud citizen of the Poarch Creek Indians, Ms. Meckel is humble to be elected to serve on the Tribal Council and to follow in her mother the late Ernestine McGhee Daughtry, and her brother Jack Allen McGhee footsteps.

She is the proud daughter of late Ernestine and DC Daughtry and Julius “Jack” McGhee. Mrs. Meckel and husband Martin have two children; Ron Salter and Allison Salter-Rodriguez; eight grandchildren: Kyle, Kaylee, Brenton, David, Caleb, Ariel, Harmony, and the late Andrew Salter, who are also proud citizens of the Poarch Creek Indians.

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