Poarch Band of Creek Indians
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Tribal administration seeks to ensure that the Tribe’s programs and services are effectively delivered, interests are represented, and overall goals and objectives are achieved. The team seeks to serve the Tribe and support the overall mission and goals.

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* The categorization and listing of departments on this website do not reflect the official organizational structure or hierarchy of the Tribal government.

Departments & Contacts


Tribal Government Accounting provides all aspects of accounting for funds under Tribal Government including accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger. They are responsible for the following funds: Tribal Government, Recreation, Utilities Authority, SAIL, Poarch Volunteer Fire Department, Tobacco Tax (Firefighter’s Special Fund), Tribal Court (court-ordered payments), Scholarship Fund, Education Trust Fund, Seizure Fund (police investigation), Calvin McGhee Cultural Center and Housing.

Tribal Government Accounting

The Tribal Government Accounting department is essential in overseeing the Tribe’s financial operations, focusing on budget management, financial reporting, audit compliance, resource allocation, and financial planning and analysis. This includes preparing and managing budgets, producing financial reports for transparency, ensuring auditing standards are met, distributing funds to align with Tribal objectives, and providing strategic financial insights for economic sustainability. Their role is crucial for maintaining financial health and enabling effective community service.

Federal Accounting

The Federal Accounting Department for the Poarch Creek Indians crucially manages the Tribe’s finances, focusing on federal funds. Key roles include monitoring and ensuring grant funding compliance, identifying funding opportunities, managing federal funds receipt, ensuring all funds comply with federal regulations, accurately reporting fund expenditures, reconciling financial records, closing out funds, and acting as a liaison between Tribal departments and federal agencies. This department is vital for maintaining financial compliance, accountability, and effective use of resources to benefit the Tribe.


Suresh Geer

Angela Devilbiss
Executive Assistant
(251) 368-9136 Ext. 2014



The Facilities Services Division is comprised of Facilities, Natural Resources, and Public Works Departments that provide services to all Tribal Government programs, services, functions and activities as well as services related to internal maintenance and construction for housing units within the five-county service area.

Facilities Department

The Facilities Department is crucial for the development and maintenance of Tribal administrative facilities, handling both new constructions and renovations. They manage a range of projects, including building new offices and community centers, as well as upgrading existing structures to improve functionality, sustainability, and safety. Working with professionals like architects and engineers, the department ensures projects meet quality standards, budget, and timeline. Their efforts support the Tribe’s evolving needs, prioritizing projects for community well-being and cultural reflection.

Buildings & Grounds

The Buildings & Grounds Department serves as the backbone of the Tribe’s infrastructure, ensuring the physical aspects of the Tribe’s operations are maintained to the highest standards. This department’s responsibilities extend far beyond simple upkeep; it encompasses comprehensive management and maintenance of all Tribal buildings and structures, ensuring that each facility is in optimal condition to support the Tribe’s activities and services. Buildings & Grounds ensures each space is well-cared for. This includes not only the physical maintenance and repairs that keep the buildings safe and functional but also custodial services that ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

Public Works

The Public Works Department plays a vital role in ensuring the infrastructure within the Poarch Creek Reservation is safe, accessible, and well-maintained. This includes the comprehensive care of roads, right-of-ways, and bridges designated under the Bureau of Indian Affairs, where the department’s efforts are critical in facilitating smooth and secure transportation for community members and visitors alike. Through these responsibilities, the Public Works Department significantly contributes to the overall well-being and quality of life on the Poarch Creek Reservation, highlighting their indispensable role in the community’s daily operations and long-term sustainability.


Lawrence Wilson
Interim Facilities Director

Casey Walker
Facilities Division Executive Assistant
(251) 368-9136 Ext. 2956

Rowdy Boyte
Building & Grounds Director

Jessica Emmons
Facilities Operations Specialist
(251) 368-9136 Ext. 2358

Margie Rolin
Tribal Assets Specialist
(251) 368-9136 Ext. 2632

Information Technology

Our Information Technology Department is committed to integrating technology with our rich cultural heritage, aiming to empower our community, enhance governmental functions, and ensure digital inclusivity for all while leveraging technology to foster growth, protect our heritage, and enhance the well-being of Tribal Government. We’re committed to:

Infrastructure and Connectivity

We ensure robust, secure infrastructure for seamless access to governmental services.


Through virtual training, we equip our employees with the skills for digital fluency.


Our advanced security measures protect our community's data and cultural assets.


We explore and implement technological solutions to meet our Tribal Government’s unique needs.



The Procurement Department at the Tribe is dedicated to enhancing our operations and community welfare through strategic and responsible procurement. We ensure the acquisition of goods and services is conducted transparently, ethically, and effectively, aligning with our traditions and promoting local economic growth.


Tracy Bottjer
Procurement Officer
(251) 368-9136 Ext. 2407

Leadership Team

Our Leadership team brings a reservoir of expert knowledge to secure the health, education and well-being of all Tribal Citizens today and in the future. Learn more about these leaders and how they serve the Tribe.

Our Government

In accordance with the constitution, which was adopted on June 1,1985, the Poarch Creek Indians is governed by a nine member elected Tribal Council. A fulltime staff is employed to provide administrative support for the operation of the Tribal government and programs.


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