Our Story

Neighbors. Leaders. Purposeful stewards of our rich cultural heritage.

Our Story

Poarch Neighbors

discover a sense of connection to all who call Alabama home

We are the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, Alabama’s only federally recognized Tribe and the only separate, sovereign Indian nation within the State of Alabama.

Like so many Poarch people, our Tribal Chair, Stephanie Bryan, grew up near Atmore in a small house on a red dirt road surrounded by extended family. Our community may not have had much, but what we had, we shared. Stephanie learned a lot about sharing from her beloved Uncle Otha. He had a green thumb and a big garden. She loved tilling the soil by his side and planting fruits and vegetables in the hot sun. Uncle Otha was proud of his produce, canning and freezing it for the winter ahead. Whenever he heard that one of our families was in need, he would head into the garden, pick what was good and ripe and leave it at the family’s front door. Stephanie came to see the importance of growing the essentials at home and helping others when she could — often without them having to ask. Although Uncle Otha never fancied himself a teacher, like many of our ancestors, his gentle wisdom is woven into our abiding belief in growing and sharing for the good of the community.

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