Native American Heritage Month: Part 3


In this episode of our Native American Heritage Month series, we are so happy to welcome Alex Alvarez, an educator, artist, and seasoned powwow enthusiast. Alex shares his lifelong journey into the powwow tradition, tracing his roots back to his Creek heritage. Powwows, he explains, have been his sanctuary, a place of belonging and celebration of Native American culture. He describes the evolution of powwow drum contests, from modest prizes a decade ago to today’s highly competitive events offering substantial cash rewards, and he emphasizes the importance of respect and tradition in powwows, from the structured patterns of drumming to the significance of tobacco offerings and the sacredness of the drum. Through insightful anecdotes and wisdom, Alex sheds light on the intricacies of powwow culture, revealing the heartwarming mentorship and mutual respect that keep this ancient tradition alive and thriving.

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