Podcast: A Place Called Poarch

Episode 7 – God has Always Brought me Through: Interview With Sandy Hollinger

Podcast: A Place Called Poarch:

Sandy Fretwell Hollinger was elected to the Tribal Council on June 4, 2011. Mrs. Hollinger has been employed by the Tribe for several years, prior to this position. She was employed as the Community Services Specialist in the Family Services Department (FSD). There she assisted families in crisis situations; helped tribal members who were working or attending school obtain childcare assistance and planned departmental activities for our tribal children. Sandy saw the needs of Tribal Members and realized that many were struggling and unable to obtain help with their needs. Ultimately, through her work in the FSD and the love for her people, she followed her heart to serve her fellow Tribal Members. Her desire to be a positive voice for the Tribe inspired her decision to run for Tribal Council.