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Welcome to our weekly podcast. We invite you to kick back, relax, and enjoy the friendship, history, and stories of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.

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Tribal Land Rights: Part Two

Continuing our conversation about land and its importance to Native Americans, Justin “Bobo” Rolin and Keith Martin join host Megan Zamora. They talk about the importance of sustainability when it comes to picking plants. They also discuss their feelings on why land is crucial to Native people and why it’s essential to buy land.

Episode 1 – It Takes A Village: Interview With Keith Martin

Keith Martin was raised in the heart of Poarch, AL on Indian School Road. He attributes his love of the community to his grandmother, Elsie Holland and other family members in this close-knit community. A graduate of Escambia County High School, he worked for local General Motors (GM) dealerships where he continued his education to earn various certifications from GM in Automotive Technology. He was a service manager for the local dealership until August 2007, when he became a full time Tribal Council Member.

Episode 2 – We Can Do More: Interview With Dewitt Carter

Dewitt Carter was first elected to the Poarch Creek Indian Tribal Council in 2016. He grew up in the Poarch Community. His family and community instilled in him a strong belief and value system. He was taught to work hard, always be honest, and to help one another. Dewitt brings those same values to his service on the Tribal Council. After graduating from Escambia County High School in Atmore, AL, Dewitt enlisted in the U.S. Airforce where he served for five years. He also attended college in Colorado Springs, CO, before moving back home to Alabama.

Episode 3 – We’re A Tribe. We’re A Family: Interview With Arthur Mothershed

Arthur Mothershed is the Executive Vice President of Business Development and Government Relations for Wind Creek Hospitality. In this position, Mothershed is responsible for identifying acquisition targets and capital projects that are aligned with Wind Creek Hospitality’s vision for strategic growth.  He is also responsible for directing lobbying efforts in various jurisdictions. Arthur Mothershed holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Alabama and a bachelor’s degree from Faulkner University.

Episode 4 – Regaining Our True Identity: Interview With Robert McGhee

As an enrolled member of the Poarch Creek Indians, Robert McGhee has been involved in and an advocate for Native American issues at all levels of government. Mr. McGhee is currently serving as the Tribal Council Vice Chairman. In this capacity Mr. McGhee is honored to represent his people “government-to-government” at the Local, State, and Federal levels regarding issues of Education, Health Care, Economic Development and Sovereign Immunity.

Episode 5 – I Will Never Stop Learning: Interview With Candace Fayard

Candace Fayard is honored to serve as an At Large Tribal Council Member for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. For more than 25 years, Candace has served her Tribe in various capacities by serving on Tribal committees, working for Tribal Government, and helping Tribal Members in need. Ms. Fayard earned a master’s degree in Management and continues Master’s level studies in Indigenous Peoples Law. The quality of life for all Tribal Members is very important to her, and one of her main goals is to make sure that quality of life continues to improve.

Episode 6 – We Took Care of Each Other: Interview With Charlotte Meckel

Ms. Charlotte “McGhee” Meckel is currently serving her second term as Tribal Council Secretary. In her role as Tribal Council Secretary, Ms. Meckel serves as the Chair of the Records Committee and is part of the Executive Committee. As a member of the Tribal Council, she advocated for extending benefits for First Generation to the age of 26 in order to receive services at the Health Clinic. She is very passionate about giving assistance to surviving non-tribal member spouses and opening the roll to Tribal Members that can prove they meet the blood quantum and can be tied back to the three censuses listed in the Constitution.

Episode 7 – God has Always Brought me Through: Interview With Sandy Hollinger

Sandy Fretwell Hollinger was elected to the Tribal Council on June 4, 2011. Mrs. Hollinger has been employed by the Tribe for several years, prior to this position. She was employed as the Community Services Specialist in the Family Services Department (FSD). There she assisted families in crisis situations; helped tribal members who were working or attending school obtain childcare assistance and planned departmental activities for our tribal children. Sandy saw the needs of Tribal Members and realized that many were struggling and unable to obtain help with their needs. Ultimately, through her work in the FSD and the love for her people, she followed her heart to serve her fellow Tribal Members. Her desire to be a positive voice for the Tribe inspired her decision to run for Tribal Council.

Episode 8 – I Had the Heart and Passion to Succeed: Interview With Stephanie Bryan

In 2014, Stephanie Bryan became the first female political leader elected to the position of Tribal Chair and CEO for the Poarch Creek Indians. In this position, not only is she involved with the legislative aspect of the Tribe, but she also oversees all Tribal operations including Tribal Government, Creek Indian Enterprises Development Authority (CIEDA), and PCI Gaming Authority (PCIGA). A life-long member of the Poarch community, Stephanie has been an active and effective advocate for her Tribe on both a local and national level. Even before her time on Tribal Council, Chairwoman Bryan was a known leader in the community.

Episode 9 – Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper: Interview With Terry Sweat

Terry Sweat  is the Chief of Staff for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians Tribal Government. He works closely with our Tribal Council and other executive team members. Terry is really passionate about the work he does for the Tribe, and he truly cares about his employees, Tribal Members, and our community.

Episode 10 – Being There for People When Things Are Tough: Interview With Lori Stinson

Lori Stinson is the Poarch Band of Creek Indians Attorney General and Chief Legal Officer. She is not only an incredible advocate for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, she’s an all around wonderful person.

Episode 11 – Entrepreneurial Arm of The Tribe: Interview With Chad Klinck

Chad Klinck is the CFO for the Creek Indian Enterprises Development Authority (CIEDA). Chad has been the CFO for 7 years, has an extensive background in public accounting, and was even an Ironman!

Episode 12 – Success Is Not A Single Word: Interview With Brent Pinkston

Brent Pinkston is the COO for Wind Creek Hospitality. Brent was born in Chicago, IL but over the years he made his way to Poarch which he now calls home. During our interview, Brent tells us how he made his way from working in cornfields to becoming the Chief Operating Officer for Wind Creek Hospitality.

Episode 13 – We’re Gonna Get There: Interview With Cody Williamson

Cody Williamson is the CEO for Creek Indian Enterprises development authority. Cody is an attorney by trade and has a background in finance. He shared with us the importance of delegation, and just how much employees with positive attitudes can affect everyone around them.

Episode 14 – We Have to be Genuine: Interview with Jay Dorris

This week I had the opportunity to interview the man who was my very first boss, Jay Dorris, the CEO for Wind Creek Hospitality. Jay grew up in a small town with a strong sense of community, just like the Poarch Creek Indians. We reminisced about the Wind Creek Atmore grand opening and how the Wind Creek Hospitality brand started out as a small bingo hall in Atmore, Alabama.

Episode 15 – I’m Just Handling the Grind: Interview with Dominic Cromartie

Welcome back to A Place Called Poarch. This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Assistant CFO, Dominic Cromartie. Dom is from Tallahassee, FL and has been working with the Tribe for 11 years now. His positivity are laughter are infectious and makes him such an awesome person to be around.

Episode 16 – The Sky is the Limit: Interview with Sandra Hiebert

Welcome back to A Place Called Poarch. This week I sat down with Sandra Hiebert, Director of Education for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. Sandra has been with the Tribe for 30 years now, and has watched the Tribe go from using typewriters and beepers to using top notch laptops and smart phones.

Episode 17 – Kerrevt Cuko (Building of Learning) Poarch Creek Indians Museum

This week on A Place Called Poarch, our host, Megan Zamora, sat down with Museum Coordinator, Brandy Chunn, and Gift Shop Clerk, Blake Crook. They talk about their current and past exhibits, and share the story of how Chief Calvin McGhee’s original headdress made its way back home to Poarch.

Episode 18 – Break the Cycle

This episode features Family Services Director, Amanda Montgomery. Amanda is a Poarch Creek Tribal Member and has been working for the Tribe since 2009. During the interview she helps shed some light on the serious of domestic violence and how difficult it can be for victims to come forward. If you or anyone you know is a victim of any type of abuse, please contact your local law enforcement agencies to report it.

Episode 19 – You Need an Advocate: Interview with Sandra Day and Nancy Smith

This week on A Place Called Poarch, we interview Sandra Day and Nancy Smith. Nancy is the Director of Nursing for the PBCI Health Clinic and has been nursing for 40 years. Sandra is the Community Health and Education Director for the PBCI Health and has been nursing for over 40 years.

Episode 20 – I Knew Who I Was: Interview with April Sells

April has been at Poarch for 35 years — as long as some people have been here on this Earth. Through those years she has been selfless with her time and has given so much of herself to The Tribe. Today, she discusses her family history, the Princess Contest, her various jobs through the years and how she has navigated life not looking like a “stereotypical Indian”.

Tribal Land Rights: Part Two

Continuing our conversation about land and its importance to Native Americans, Justin “Bobo” Rolin and Keith Martin join host Megan Zamora. They talk about the importance of sustainability when it comes to picking plants. They also discuss their feelings on why land is crucial to Native people and why it’s essential to buy land.