Candace Fayard is honored to serve as an At Large Tribal Council Member for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. For more than 25 years, Candace has served her Tribe in various capacities by serving on Tribal committees, working for Tribal Government, and helping Tribal Members in need. Ms. Fayard earned a Master’s degree in Management and continues Master’s level studies in Indigenous Peoples Law. The quality of life for all Tribal Members is very important to her, and one of her main goals is to make sure that quality of life continues to improve.

She is married to Bryan Fayard, and together they have two children, Emily and Curt, and one grandson, Finn. Her mother is the late Velma McGhee Crocker; her maternal grandparents are the late Levi and Treacy (Walker) McGhee.  Ms. Fayard was blessed to have been raised in a large, traditional Poarch Creek family where she was loved, disciplined, and taught to be a strong woman. Her mother, grandmother, and aunts were all great role models and they helped shape the woman she is today. Not only does she feel a strong connection with her family members who have walked on; she also treasures the deep family connections that she has today.

Her Master’s degree in management combined with her extensive work experience has helped prepare her to serve as a Tribal Council Member.  Professionally, she has served in various positions throughout our Tribal organization which provides her with a well-rounded knowledge of the inner workings of the Tribal Government. Additionally, working for our Tribe has granted her a unique opportunity to collaborate with state and federal agencies that work with Native populations.  Ms. Fayard’s time working with the Social Security Administration even further enhances her professional range of skills to include a broader understanding of working with Federal government programs.