2014-2015 Elder Princess: Cora Voncile Peters

Cora Voncile Peters

Cora is the 82 year old daughter of the late Willie George and Cora Lee Woods Murphy.

She was raised in Uriah, AL and now lives in Atmore, AL.

Cora has 3 children: James (Chief) Peters, Wanda (Sissy) Wiggins, and June (Bug) Gregg, 5 grand-children, and 10 great grand-children.

She attends Brooks Memorial Baptist Church in Atmore, AL.

Cora’s favorite childhood memories are building a playhouse and taking care of it every day and at Christmas time they always getting raisins in there stockings and building their own toys out of boards, stems, cans, and wire.

Her favorite food is Tacos.

She enjoys working in the yard and exercising at the gym.

Cora is 82 and praises the Lord every day that she is able to get up and do the things she does. She still weedeats, cuts her lawn, exercises 3 times a week, drives her own car, and lives alone.

2014-2015 Senior Princess: Caitlyn Barnhill

Caitlyn Barnhill

Caitlyn is the 17 year old daughter of Lisa and Don Barnhill of McDavid, FL.

She is a member of the PCI Tribal Youth Council, 2014 Close up USET Resolution Committee, and PCI Pow Wow Club. Caitlyn is currently and has been a member of the PCI 4-H Club for 7 years, PCI 4-H Club Vice-President for 4 years, and the Alabama 4-H State Council for 2 years.

Caitlyn’s favorite subjects are History and English.

Her favorite foods are chicken and dumplings and tomato gravy and rice.

She enjoys listening to music, reading, and writing.

Caitlyn hopes to attend UAB next year for her freshman year of college. She wants to be a Doctor and come back and work for her Tribe.

She has also been active in multiple organizations such as the 2013-2014 ECHS Scholars Bowl, the 2013-2014 ECHS Student Government Association, The Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) in 9th and 10th grade, Native American Youth Organization Softball Tournament in Cherokee, NC; Teens Getting Involved for the Future (TGIF), 2013-2014 Youth Leadership Atmore, Todays Native Leaders Conference 2014, in Ft. Lauderdale; and United South and Eastern Tribes (USET) Southeast Representative for Native Americans aspiring to be Medical Professionals at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Caitlyn was a part of the 2012 PCI Summer Leadership Program in 2013 and 2014 working at the Health Department, 2013 PCI College Fair Volunteer with Mrs. Billie McGhee, 2014 PCI Health Fair Volunteer, and 2014 Annual Sovereignty Celebration, and 2014 PCI Fall Festival.

2014-2015 Junior Princess: Gabby McGhee

Gabby McGhee

Gabriella is the 14 year old daughter of Stephen and Charlotte McGhee of Poarch AL.

Gabriella is a member of the Poarch Creek Indians Boys and Girls Club, Tribal Youth Council, Poarch Creek Indians Hunting Club, and a jingle dancer in the Poarch Creek Pow Wow Club.

Her favorite foods are Indian tacos, fry bread, fried chicken, and her granny’s dumplings.

Gabriella was crowned the 2010-2011 Elementary Princess, and the 2013-2014 First Alternate, she was selected and attended the Florida Indian Youth Program in Tallahassee Florida.

Gabriella wishes to attend the University of Alabama after she finishes high school, where she wants to get her Doctorate Degree in Anesthesiology or forensic science. After she finishes school she wants to return to the tribe to work.

2014-2015 Elementary Princess: Brionna Slate

Brionna Slate

Brionna Slate is the 9 year old daughter of Stephanie and Bo Slate of Atmore, AL and the great granddaughter of Juanita and Timmy Slate and Sherry Phillips and Jerry Sanchez.

She is a 4th Grade A/B Honor Roll student.

Her favorite subjects are math, science, and social studies.

Brionna is a member of the Boys and Girls Club of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, Archery Club, The Poarch Creek Hunting Club, and The Poarch Creek Pow Wow Club. She was also 2013-2014 Elementary Princess 1st Alternate.

She enjoys playing softball, camping, attending and dancing in powwows, arts and crafts, fishing, and hunting.

Brionna’s favorite foods are fried chicken and chicken tenders.

Brionna attends Friendly Holiness Church.

2014-2015 Little Miss Princess: Savannah Lyn Gibson

Savannah Lyn Gibson

Savannah is the 5 year old daughter of Shane and Janel Gibson of Atmore, AL and the granddaughter of Alice and the late Edward Blackfoot Gibson.

Savannah’s favorite subjects are Math, Computer Class, and Gym Class.

Savannah attends First Baptist Church.

Her favorite foods are dumplings, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, and milk.

Savannah enjoys doing puzzles, arts and crafts, music and dancing, taking pictures, and playing t-ball.