Teresa Franklin

Teresa Franklin Tribal Council Administrative Assistant
(251)368-9136 x 2202

Teresa serves as the first point of contact for all incoming correspondence to Tribal Council including phone calls and mail. Teresa also assists Tribal Members and guests by directing them to the appropriate department or individual.

Megan Young

Megan Young Executive Assistant to the Tribal Chair
(251)368-9136 x 2205

Megan assists and supports the Tribal Chair in all aspects of the overall Tribal operations including, but not limited to, Tribal Government, Tribal Gaming, and Tribal businesses. Additionally, she serves as liaison between Tribal Chair Bryan and Tribal Members, staff members, Tribal entities, boards, and the general public.

Kelli Ramer

Kelli Ramer Tribal Council Office Director
(251)368-9136 x 2110

Kelli oversees the operations of the Tribal Council office and staff. Further, Kelli communicates directives from Tribal Council to the appropriate individuals and departments. Kelli works closely with the Tribal Chair & Tribal Council, support staff and Executive Assistant to ensure that Tribal Council's goals and objectives are being met.

Debra Strickland

Debra Strickland Legislative Coordinator
(251) 368-9136 x 2935

Debra composes minutes of meetings, workshops, and working sessions on behalf of the Tribal Council. Additionally, Debra attends department meetings and communicates the pertinent details of said meetings to the Tribal Council so that they may be better informed of upcoming projects, programs, policies, and procedures.

Tierney Lancaster

Tierney Lancaster Scheduling Coordinator
(251) 368-9136 x 2200

The Tribal Council frequently hosts community meetings, workshops, and working sessions. Furthermore, the Tribal Council routinely represents the Tribe at a myriad of events both locally and nationally. Tierney assists with scheduling, planning, and facilitating these events and travel engagements.

Tawana McGhee

Executive Assistant
(251) 368-9136 x 2234

Tawana works closely with Tribal Council Director on appropriate tasks relating to the Tribal Council. Provides clerical and administrative support functions, generates and processes purchase orders for appropriate staff.

Brittany Adams

Administrative Assistant
(251) 368-9136 x 2937

Thelma Williamson

(251) 368-9136 x 0/2031

Thelma receives and distributes all incoming calls and mail. Trains WIA participants on how to use phone system. Receives, greets, and screens visitors.

PJ Rolin

Mailroom Clerk
(251) 368-9136 x 0/2032

PJ ensures that all mail/packages are distributed accordingly and maintains the mailroom. Answering all incoming calls.

Justin Stabler

Policy Analyst
(251) 368-9136 x 2938

Analyzing any changes that occur to the policies and procedures for each department, then report that back to the Chair.

Conducting research and analyzation on key judicial, executive, and legislative decisions that impacts the Tribe.

Working in coordination with the Senior Executive Assistant to the Tribal Chair on various special projects.

Drafting policy changes that are applicable.