The Senior Services Department is all about keeping our Tribal and community seniors involved in activities that keep their minds and bodies active.

The Senior Services Department offers:

Our "Seniors" are very active throughout the year and coordinate numerous fundraisers, which assist them with senior trips. The seniors enjoy traveling, quilting and participating in activities, such as the Senior Olympics, Senior Appreciation Day, Tribal Council Appreciation Day and many more fun activities.

Any Tribal and community member age 55 and over is encouraged to join the Center.

Senior Services Downloads

Department Contact

Brooke Presley
Case Manager
(251) 368-9136 ext. 2615

Vicky Burns
Service Provider
(251) 368-9136 ext. 2616

Cyndi Wright
Senior Services Manager
(251) 368-9136 ext. 2617

Michelle Shiver
ALF Administrator
(251) 368-9136 ext. 2801

Edie Tullis Baker
Health & Elder Services Division Director
(251) 368-9136 ext. 2231

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