This image shows students at Consolidated Indian School which was established in the Creek community in 1949 in response to Creek leadership’s mission to acquire equal access to public education that began in the 1920s.

This rare image was taken by Poarch Creek Indian Princess Ms. Linda Colbert Cook of Chief Calvin McGhee and her father.

Ms. Roberta McGhee Sells, pictured above, served as Tribal Council Secretary from 1950 to 1977, taking Minutes in longhand as evidenced in this excerpt from October 19, 1950.

Established by the Tribal Council in 2010 under the Records Management Ordinance, the Office of Archives and Records Management endeavors to fulfill our mission to preserve, manage, acquire and maintain treasured records related to the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. Dr. Deidra Suwanee Dees serves on our Team as the Director/Tribal Archivist overseeing the Office of Archives and Records Management. She works with Team member Ms. Ellen Daughtry O’Barr who serves as the Records Coordinator and has maintained Tribal property records for over thirty-one years. We were joined by Team member Ms. Eialeasha Martin who transferred from the Education Department on September 18, 2017 and serves as our Archives Assistant, leading our Senior Reading Program to assist our elders in enhancing their historical and cultural knowledge related to Creek Indians.

Working with the Tribal Records Committee, chaired by Tribal Council Secretary Ms. Charlotte Meckel, Dr. Dees and Team developed the Records Retention Schedule which was approved by our Tribal Council in 2013. This document identifies permanent Tribal records to be preserved in perpetuity and provides Tribal-wide guidelines for records management compliance. In September of that year, the Office of Archives and Records Management moved into new office space in the Creek Indian Enterprises Development Authority corporate complex at 100 Brookwood Road in Atmore. This move made it possible for us to centralize our records under one roof, strengthen safeguards to preserve our archival records, and expand our services to Tribal Members. We house rare books about Creeks and one-of-a-kind records, some of which are found nowhere else on Mother Earth:

You can help us rediscover our past by donating archives from your personal archival collections to build our acquisitions, especially from Monroe County Creeks, to fill some of the voids in the historical record. We are thankful for donors of the Chief Calvin McGhee Collection, Gail Thrower Collection, Hugh Rozelle Collection, Chairman Buford L. Rolin Collection, Eloie Bradshaw Collection, Chief Houston McGhee Collection, and Dr. J. Anthony Paredes Collection.

Tribal Members may access exciting archival treasures at our Research Station and take copies home with them. We are open to the general public Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you would like to make an appointment with our staff, please call us at 446-4942 and our professional, well-trained Team will assist you.

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